How to Cut Out an Image & Remove a Background

Hello, Guys, this is Jaspreet Singh here, and for this tutorial, I’m going to show you the best way to remove a background in Photoshop. Now there are many different tools and ways of doing this. But I like to use the pen tool a lot more because it is a lot more accurate and you could tell the computer.

You could select the quick select tool or the magnet one but they have a guess so they’re not very accurate. That’s why I like to use the pen tool instead.


To start cutting the image out what you want to do is want to over to left side, where all tools are:

  1. Click on the pen tool (if it’s not selected, right click and it should be in here)pen tool
  2. Once you’ve got it selected what you want to, hold alt and using the scroll wheel go up.
  3. Then you want to zoom in. This just makes it easier for your eyes to see what you’re cutting out.
  4. Now to start it off what you want to do is pick a corner at the bottom or at the top.
  5. Now you select the corner you from where you want to start with.
  6. Now hold and drag left side of the mouse, it will give you the curved line which is really useful. arrows
  7. Now click on the background where you want to start cutting and drag it.
  8. To connect it up you go back to the first dot and left click on it when the icon pops up with a circle.
  9. You just go over to the top and got to selection.untitled
  10. Make sure the feathering is 0%.
  11. Make sure the Anti-aliasing is going to be on.
  12. Once you have done that press ok.
  13. Then we’re going to zoom out a little bit more so we can actually see what we’re doing.
  14. All you do is, do CTRL and J to duplicate the layer, and we have the background.
  15. Now if we go over the top and hide layer 1. You can see that the background is now gone.


This is exactly why I prefer the pen tool. It gives a really nice result, compared to other tools where you might get the white outline. The one thing you want to make sure is that the bits you left out that was in inside the image.

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