Photo Editing – Why marketers want this?

Photo editing is all about adding total new effects to the original photo. Whatsoever those extraordinary photos we see around has some master touch of photo manipulation, retouching or color correction, more or less. Eye-catching posters, magazine covers, book covers, brochures are products of this photo editing process. Marketers of these days are focusing more on something that catches the eyes of a passerby, something extraordinary and something which is not an everyday scenario. And we are seeing these images around us as billboards or in any form of advertising. Photo editing is the answer to all of them.

Photo editing is so widely used these days that we better call it an art form. Everybody wants the best. They are not even satisfied with the original. That’s why most photographers who are engaged in commercial photography, would do some sort of manipulation to enhance the quality of the photo than the original one. It is not necessarily twisting the image. But to make it a little more appealing. No matter how developed your camera lens is, it cannot observe the way a human eye can. So why not making it better by some other techniques?

Imagine a retailer who is selling bicycles. He would like to shoot his product on a mountainside. But he has no time to carry the product and arrange the shooting on a hillside. Hence, a little bit of manipulation will solve this entire problem. Shoot the product in a simple background. Later remove the background and add a custom background of a hillside. It will look like the bicycle is standing beside a hill, which is, of course, more appealing to the customer’s eyes rather than an indoor shot.

Also, a boutique shop owner, who displays his/her costumes in the web, would like to appear them flawless. It is hard to achieve pure perfection with the model or any dummy. There will be some folding here and there. Or some scratches. And do not forget that they have to shoot hundreds of photos and the photographer will not wait all day to fix all these. You have to pay a lot more if you want that. Even there is some stuff that cannot be fixed at all. Again photo editing is the answer. It will save your cost to a great extent, delivering excellent output. Same goes for the jewelry or watch shop owners who can easily get rid of the dust and scratches of their product. They can make it look even shinier than they are by applying some retouching. If you need to show same products of the different color, you don’t even need to shoot them. Shoot one particular image and color correction technique will make them appear in different colors, any colors that you prefer.

With appropriate measure and with the help of a qualified graphics designer, you can achieve splendid effects. But make sure that the measurements are kept perfect. The natural look of the photo should be maintained. If you place your model on a new background, make sure to apply appropriate shadows and feathers to make it look natural. You should take care of the appearance of the light. Otherwise, the process might backfire. It is not editing and changing the photo. It is editing and enhancing it while keeping the original textures intact.

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